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  Luca Firanescu

Luca is the founder of XPATGirls.com. No, it’s not a he, but a she and she’s not Italian but Romanian. She’s currently based in sunny Portugal and in her past life she was a world traveling fashion model jumping from one exotic location to the next. Her motto in life is that the world is a book – the more you see the better the story. While she has a great interest for fashion and travel, her love for people is greater. She is a certificated coach in positive psychology and a happiness trainer. On top of that, a proud mom of twins. She thinks being a mom is the most challenging, difficult and definitely most rewarding jobs she has ever had.

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  Iulia Cirtina

Julie is the editor of XpatGirls.com. She's a Romanian girl, stranded in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

For how long, she doesn't know yet. But what she does know is communication and psychology. already a bachelor in psychology, she is now also preparing to be a life coach. This is due to her genuine interest in people and the every day joy to be there for those who have questions about themselves. Working in communication for the last 4 years has helped her pursue the life-long dream of writing. But her secret love was and will always be painting, along with piano and shoes, because yes, every girl has her thing.

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  Meirav 梅花 Shacked

Meirav 梅花 Shacked - The Israeli girl beyond the Great FireWall (of China). Currently living and working in Beijing, China for the last 3 years, Meirav is involve in the local Chinese online & social media scenes as well as the conventional global platforms. Meirav loves a good 'night out' at a chic KTV (karaoke) club as well as getting lost in Beijing old town alleys (Hutongs) while posting her adventures on Instagram (@meimarko). She might just be the only blonde who commutes daily in the Beijing subway, along with 12 million other Chinese passengers.

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  Alexandra Dinca

Alexandra is a Romanian girl attending a MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Madrid.

She traded her professional experience in auctions because she trusted Confucius saying "Chose a job you love and you will never have to work day in your life".

Gourmand, passionate about Real Madrid and a luxury-lover she will represent Madrid.

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  Anca Tiribeja

Anca is a Romanian model living in Milan , the city that combines art, food and fashion in the most interesting of ways...

She's been working for more than 10 years building her career and gaining first hand experiences through traveling around the world. Even though she studied international relationships and european studies , her interest is more focused on photography and retouching .. And she also manages to the find time volunteering in saving animals, as this has been a passion of hers since she can remember ( more of an obsession than anything else).

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  XpatGirls Staff

Xpatgirls is the hub of all expat girls around the world.

Because girls are more curious, more sensitive and let’s face it, they talk and share more!

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