“I fell in love with Vancouver the minute I got here and have stayed in love so far …”

Becoming an expat takes you out of your comfort zone and eventually makes you spend more time with yourself. If you’re lucky enough, you might actually discover a new You..

New York Is Like a Playground

People here are like children, always smiling and feeling happy. Since I moved here I stopped thinking I’m old.

You Can Be Whoever You Want!

“There’s always something going on. You always feel like you are missing out on something, and you probably are…. “

A Party With My Friends From Another Planet or How I Attended a House Warming Ritual in China

how I attended a house warming ritual in China

I felt like in a mix of anthropological experiment and Chinese torture! Chinese were simple and good people, but acted weird like friends from another planet.

Pura Vida!

A perfect cultural hybrid grows inside of you, making you live and see your life in a very different way. You learn how to blend into a new culture without forgetting your own.

Olympic games or Hunger Games? A mirror of Russia

My opinion is that the whole story about the Games shows Russia in miniature. Most of the people in Sochi hate the Games already. As for me, I think there are must be some changes in Russia otherwise it’s going to be the same situation like in Ukraine.

I Miss a Lot The Simplicity Of Brazil

Many times here or in other countries where I lived I see that people need to get in posh places, with amazing food and drinks, in order to try to have some fun.. And this is still kind of strange for me.

“The Dutch have a lot of weird habits”

Being an expat it feels like you are different, but in Amsterdam there are so many of us, that you somehow feel you belong here.

“I Always Know That I am Welcome To Their House For a Shabbat Meal”

The peace and quiet that surrounds the bustling streets of Tel Aviv on Friday-Saturday is something I find very special. And the masses of families that flock to the Ports and Beaches on these days is very refreshing to me, especially because family time here is so important and celebrated in this country.

“Americans mistake comfort for happiness”

The sense of community is not very strong, it’s tough and it’s a struggle but people feel blessed because they get to live in the center of the world