Meet Morgan – American in Asia


Why I broke free and crossed an ocean to teach English in Korea

The Future’s Way of Working

Edge and Back

How a business can be build by people working together from different countries

That German Experience That Almost Knocked Me Down. But I Got Up Again.

Germans will respect two things: work done correctly and acknowledging that they are perfect at being …perfect.

8 Expat Years, 3 Countries, 1 Post

This is me wearing Le Ciel Bleu, my favourite Japanese brand.

I moved to Sweden as a student, got hooked on expat life and ended up in the heart of Tokyo.

The Short (And Personal) Guide About The Most Forgotten City in Mexico

A weird mix between the rich and poor, the old and the new, between traditions and overpowering western influence. You live and breathe those differences here, surrounded by beautiful and magical mountains.

A Life Spent Abroad

I first moved abroad when I was 17 and now, 12 years later I have lived and worked in 10 different countries and traveled through many more.

“Run Malaria Run”

Pace and love are the most frequent words that you here. Told you: Bob Marley is the king.

Around The World Before 30!

Growing up Esther was the eldest of three expatriate kids she is not foreign to moving here and there but where has she choose to settle at for the time being? What purpose in life has she found so important that she ditched her cat, boyfriend and friends from the Asian Vegas? Read on…

DO what you cannot NOT DO

My unforgettable time in Ghana – part II

Are you a threat? Or a treat? Make the most of your first impression

Judgments take place within less than a microsecond