What it’s like to change 2 countries and have a baby in 2 years

Sometimes we kind of felt like “immigrants”.

The Fascinating World of Cosplaying and Fighting for Our Rights to be Geeks

Bullying is really serious and should be treated as such

How My Fears Become Irrelevant

And here is my condescending answer to those questions: “may those will be your only problems in life!”

The Power of (Expat) Bloggers: “When You Don’t Find Content, Create Content.”

Life is more fun when it’s stylish

Fascinating India

Dreamy sunrise at Borobudur in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indians are very passionate people. They celebrate their holidays with enthusiasm while demonstrating their pride, respect, loyalty, rituals and art.

Israel: Come and Try to Stay.

Nobody owes you anything. Everything you have to build by yourself.

C’est Moi, Sara Louise

Try to speak the language, smile and don’t forget to say, bonjour!

From Samba to Opera

I became part of the world. As my mum says: “whatever you go, when you close the door is your home”

I’m Afraid to Go Home

affraid to go home

I’ll be heading home to visit in January. Why I sometimes wish I wasn’t.

The Accidental Expat

The iconic ONLY LYON sign - cover

Being an expat was never part of the plan. Find out what led Laurie from her ‘picture perfect’ US life abroad.