Cinderella is Still Relevant NOT Because She Was Obedient

Today character matching is more important that shoe matching

Unless Feeling Love is an Automatic Body Function For You, You Need a Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is like a tattoo: it reminds you about something important and most of the times it’s visible to others

5 Reasons Why I Think Valentine’s Sucks

When I was born, the Fate who was in charge with the romantic side of my character was probably out for a beer… so I got nothing on this chapter. But I still consider myself a nice person. And because I am so nice, I will share with you my true feelings about this commercial […]

After more than hundreds of stories, we can answer the question: what is it like to be an expat?

What does it mean to be an expat? What does it bring to the people that we talked to? Let’s find out. 17% talk about transformation It can be a partial transformation, similar to a cultural hybrid, as you are always learning the ways and costumes of your new world, while holding on to the […]


It’s difficult to classify cultural shocks, as they are very much depended on where you are coming from and what country you are living in now. Women coming from Eastern Europe (Serbia, Russia) found it strange to see the free expression of the gay population and gay parades in the US or Western Europe. Former […]

Main Lessons Learnt as an Expat Woman

“Never a failure, always a lesson.” Did that work for our xpat girls? Let’s see which are their most important lessons learnt. Which one resonates more with you?

The Big S. What Stopped and What Started in The Lives of Our XpatGirls

Once you begin a new life, you always try out new things and let go of the some of the old ones. So let’s see how did our girls do. What Stopped? 40% stopped worrying. What does that tell us? That when you are completely helpless sometimes and you have no control – like when […]

Je Suis Charlie juste pur aujourd’hui

Je Suis Charile

To honor brave people everywhere in the world, I will be a Charlie for a day

The Most Shocking Event of 2014. And a Very Surprising Advice for 2015

The most shocking event of 2014. And a very surprising advice for 2015

Life is like an exam: at the end of it, you can’t remember exactly what you did, but you feel good or bad about your performance.

Xpat Super Dog!

Let me tell you the story of how I decided to relocate my dog with me.. From Israel>> China Luna the super Xpat dog!