10 Plus 1 More Practical Less Emotional Tips for Moving to Madrid

Spanish flag in plaza colon

“To go to bed at night in Madrid marks you as a little queer! […] Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night. Ernest Hemingway

Did you know?

The first lesson was: traveling is the best teacher you can get.

7 More Interesting Facts About Thailand

I find it unbelievable how many tourists dream of riding an elephant and spending time with tigers

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Sydney is not the capital of Australia as many people think

7 Must-Know Things About Dubai

Things you didn't know about Dubai

Dubai is a very modern country and about 80% of the population is expat.

6 Less Known Kosher Facts About Israel

6 less known kosher facts about Israel

Even the glue on Israeli stamp is Kosher

From Birth to Death: 10 Less Known Facts about The Netherlands

Annual kite show by the sea in The Hague

1. BIRTH: Dutch midwifery care is unique in the world. In the Netherlands, maternity is organized in a primary, secondary and tertiary care model. The primary care, for low-risk women, is formed by midwives and GPs. (GPs are responsible for only about 0.5% of all births). The secondary care consists of obstetricians and specialized ‘clinical’ […]

5 Things Few People Know About Bangkok

Did you know – Bangkok isn’t actually called Bangkok?

English Is a Crazy Language

My only consolation being that nobody speaks English perfectly.

6 Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About China

Check out 6 interesting facts from my life in China that only people who actually live here know about and of which I never had any idea before moving to Beijing 🙂