Ni Chi le ma? 你吃了吗?Did you eat already?

Jian bing guo zi 煎饼果子

The most typical every morning question! Maybe I should start considering having something for breakfast?

First Thought on Monday Morning? SUNDAY’S BRUNCH!


“If you had to choose one person in the entire world to eat for breakfast, who would you eat, and why? ”
― Roger Schuster

Why Mexicans have the only UNESCO Heritage food in the world

Mexicans say the base of their diet is vitamin T

To Eat or Not To Eat? Chinese Street Food in China

The safe guide for eating street food in China

8 Months, 3 Extra Kilos And 3 Favorite Restaurants Later

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

BrunchLicious! Top 3 Of My Favorite Brunches in Beijing!

Warning! If you’re hungry don’t watch this blog!

Junk Food Nation VS Health Nut?

Junk food nation VS health nut

Since moving over to The Netherlands, I, the health nut, have discovered that this country is not exclusively dedicated to processed, lifeless, uninspiring food. There is, in fact, a significant organic movement and Amsterdam is the “Raw” capital of Europe.

The Hottest Restaurants I Love!

I will share with all of you some of my favorite places that continue to inspire and fulfill me both with the food I eat, but also with the innovatively designed establishments that are continually flocked to by consumers who want a unique experience in such a demanding and ever-flourishing industry.

Why Do Markets Have Saint Names?

Mercado San Miguel

If you get an invitation to eat in a market, don’t say no. Mercado San Miguel offers a tasteful experience you definitely don’t want to miss.

Christmas…. in a bite!

I must confess. I didn’t realize it’s Christmas time before it hit me.  Because for me Christmas was not just about being together with the family and playing in the snow, but also about the delicious food my mother cooks, that I thought cannot be equaled anywhere else in the world. Caught between the new […]