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What do Tel Aviv, Beijing, Madrid, Amsterdam & Milan all have in common?And what is different & unique about each of these cities?This is what you will find out here!The unique part of this is that it will not be seen through the eyes
of locals, who are sometimes too used to the beauties and weirdness of
their own cities, but through the eyes of the foreigners living there.

But wait, there’s a twist to it!

Xpatgirls is in fact the hub of all expat girls around the world
because girls are more curious, more sensitive and let’s face it,
girls are more willing to talk and share more!

But we’d like to believe this blog can also be the voice of any person
who has found a home away from home and wishes to share that
experience with everyone.

It all began with 5 girls from different backgrounds, ages and reasons
to be abroad but who all share the same love for traveling, food,
fashion, art, technology, culture and life in general.

They all miss home and experienced difficulties when adjusting to
their new realities and cities.

So they take every day at a time and want to share their most
interesting adventures with you.

Since they truly believe that being an expat gives you a different
perspective on the city that you live in, you immediately become
similar to a investigator, you  loosen up, open up your mind, start to
explore and would like to know everything there is to know about your
new city.

Soon enough, this way of exploring becomes part of your daily life and
the best part of it is that there is no real deadline for the end of
the trip.

We are the glimpses of many cities and many lives!  So come join us on
a trip around the world and back.

Welcome to our world! And by this, welcome to THE world.

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