Why I Can Never Be Alone in The Evenings

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There are days when you don’t feel like going home, as there is nobody there waiting for you. Living alone abroad can be incredibly rewarding, but it comes with a price.

I may live alone in Madrid, but every time I get home, there is a splendid sunset that’s waiting for me. I just lose myself in the moment holding my breath, looking at the sun playing with the clouds. A show of shape and light, especially for me!

As someone dear told me once – “sharing is caring” – so, enjoy it also! And if you like it a lot, come visit me, we’ll have a wine on the terrace!

P.S. I bet you never thought I was a hopeless romantic!

Alexandra Dinca

Alexandra is a Romanian girl attending a MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Madrid.

She traded her professional experience in auctions because she trusted Confucius saying "Chose a job you love and you will never have to work day in your life".

Gourmand, passionate about Real Madrid and a luxury-lover she will represent Madrid.

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