Main Lessons Learnt as an Expat Woman

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“Never a failure, always a lesson.”

Here are some of the lessons concluded by our expat girls. These are not motivational quotes, but real life experiences. The statements are based on months and years of living in a new country, with the good, the bad, but always interesting stories:

  • There is always time to relax and enjoy your day.
  • Everybody’s opinion counts and you should speak up.
  • You can be whoever and whatever you want.
  • Everything is permanently changing.
  • Working your ass off for people who really need help can bring you immense satisfaction and change the way you look at life.
  • Put a little love into everything you touch.
  • Tolerance is key to everything.
  • Treat life, as it is your real life: make real connections with people and treat your friends like they could last a lifetime.
  • Happiness has less to do with material items and more to do with being happy with one.
  • Life is so much more fun when you say “Yes” to everything (within reason).
  • Everything in moderation.
  • How important and fulfilling diversity is in the world. Being exposed to a multi cultural city really gives you an understanding and an appreciation of different perspectives in life.
  • You can do anything you like as long as you are inventive, creative and a hard worker.
  • People are happy even poor.
  • Keep my mouth shut and smooth the talk as much as I can.
  • Attitude really is everything.
  • There are so many things to experience in life.
  • Stop judging people.
  • Nobody owes you anything.
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