Wake Up, September Ends

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Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars /

Same as the likes on our blog, creating superstars.

The Drowned World or How I Finally Decided to Quit Modeling

I was sick of being surrounded by people getting hysterical when the buttons of my shirt didn’t fit the color of my nail polish. The same people that behaved like they invented the antidote against leukemia.

Jian bing guo zi 煎饼果子

Ni Chi le ma? 你吃了吗?Did you eat already?

The most typical every morning question! Maybe I should start considering having something for breakfast?

A Message to My Unborn Daughter: They Can Call Me a Feminist/Bitch/Men-Hater if That Means You Get to Keep Your Rights

Just saying that if we are ok now we don’t need feminists it’s a sign of ignorance

This is me wearing Le Ciel Bleu, my favourite Japanese brand.

8 Expat Years, 3 Countries, 1 Post

I moved to Sweden as a student, got hooked on expat life and ended up in the heart of Tokyo.

Feeling a Bit Bored Lately? Then You Should Try a Domestic Flight in China!

I love China! Let’s start with that; but I will never get used to some of the behaviors here, no matter how many years I continue to live.

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