Why We Should Think Twice Before Cheering The Football Championship

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1. What were you first thoughts and feelings when you heard that the football championship is going to take place in Brazil?

Well it didn’t sound good to me, because I could feel already that there was something fishy going on, especially when we are talking about an alliance between FIFA and our corrupted politicians in Brazil.

2. What is the overall opinion about it in Brazil? 

Most people actually know and agree that the situation is not good in Brazil and that our politicians are trying to sell a good image by telling the world telling that there’s no poverty in Brazil anymore, which is fake.

The Brazilian people are starting to open up their eyes and I think that the online media helps a lot to spread much important information that the other channels wouldn’t be allowed to show.

We all know about the billions that were wasted and stolen from us to build that stadiums and I believe that most Brazilians understand that even if they love soccer they are not happy about the situation of the country.

3. Did you go to Brazil during this time? ( If not, why not?)

First of all I don’t really like soccer that much and even if I did the prices raised a lot at this time because of the games. Anyway I wouldn’t like to promote this event in any way.

4. What is the thing that bothers you about the championship? 

My problem is not about the games or the sport but about the behind the scenes of this project. Brazil was not supposed to accept hosting an event of this size when the country still has so many other basic and much more important needs to care about, such as better hospitals, education and a dignified life for their people.

Billions of dollars where spent (from our pockets) to build stadiums that are going to become the hugest “bird toilets” on earth after the end of the games.

Not to mention about the more than 200,000 families that were evicted from their own homes (and some people even killed!) in order to build stadiums and other constructions connected to FIFA. Those families still don’t have where to live until this day!

5. What benefits does it bring to Brazil? 

None. I think it was a huge mistake and also one of the biggest robbery plans in the history of Brazilian politics and FIFA.

Many people say that it supposed to be wonderful to Brazil because of the inflow of tourists but this is not true. Well yes, the sellers might make some more money during this month because of the games but that’s it! It won’t change their lives and on next month Brazilians are going back to the exact same situation they were before the games. Not to mention the big and long “holiday” that this World Cup brought to Brazil. I personally know many sellers that just can’t really work during this time because they don’t have who to sell to, for the tourists concentrate in the areas of the games and stores and the other people are watching the games in their houses. Many stores and even government buildings are closed during most of the time and nothing really works normally because of the games.

6.  Do you have any estimation about who’s going to win? 

Not really but I actually would prefer that Brazil doesn’t win because we are getting close to the elections this year and I’m sure that many politicians over there would prefer the people to feel happy and blind when they go to vote.

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