Five Reasons You Should Move to Canada

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Happy Canada Day!

Today is July 1st, and I am celebrating the birth of Canada, my new home that I have grown to love and be proud of, while also happily holding on to my Romanian roots. Canada has become a very popular destination for many immigrants and has long been known as one of the world’s most welcoming countries for immigrants. Although its door is not as open as it used to be ten years ago, the world’s second-largest country by total area remains an excellent destination for those who are looking to emigrate and awaits them with spectacular nature, exciting professional opportunities, great lifestyle, and a variety of other things that make Canada a great place to live!

But wait, I’m not gonna spend all day here trying to sell you Canada! Not when there’s food, and drinks, and music, and fireworks going on around me 🙂 However, I can make you a favor and give you just five reasons why you should consider moving to Canada. So let’s begin!

1. Can I start with a joke? Pretty please? 🙂

Q: How do you empty a swimming pool of Canadians?
A: “Excuse me, could everyone please get out of the pool?”

There you go, reason number one is: Canadians are often ridiculously nice and polite here. If you’re sick and tired of grumpy fellow citizens that shamelessly steal your spot in the queue or your taxi from the corner, then you could use living here for a while. It is true that many Canadians overuse and abuse of the word “Sorry”, but, at the end of the day, you’ll get used to it. Plus you’ll get to learn to communicate with more tact and diplomacy. Trust me—it’s been more than two years and I’m still working on my bluntness.

2. Here’s a scenario for reason number two. Suppose you’re a Romanian living in Canada. You wake up next to your Romanian partner. You get dressed and meet your Mexican neighbour in the elevator, who tells you about his Cuban girlfriend moving in with him. You stop by at the Iranian corner store and get some Persian cookies for later at work. You get to work—your boss is German, your colleagues are Irish, Australian, Iranian, Malaysian, Filipino, Chinese, Indian, etc. The owner might as well be South African. You order authentic Japanese food for lunch, and drink some yerba mate. And so on. Welcome to the country where you travel the world on a daily basis! Doesn’t that feel GOOD? 🙂

3. Food! Delicious food! Authentic International delicacies and the best salmon in the world! This is gonna be a short one as I only want to make you drool 🙂 But yes, this is heaven for foodies and you can try out a variety of dishes coming from a variety of countries. Say goodbye to getting bored of food!

4. Spectacular nature and a variety of scenery. To date, my trip to the Canadian Rockies from last summer is the best trip I’ve had. Canada has no shortage of spectacular mountains, nor beautiful beaches along the coasts. Choose Vancouver to get all-in-one (but make sure you’re ok with a lot of rain), or Calgary/Edmonton to be closer to the breathtaking Rockies (in this case, make sure you’re ok with a lot of snow). And, of course, you can always choose Atlantic Canada which, I heard, is full of iconic natural wonders. Wherever you settle, make sure you’ve done your homework beforehand and that you are ok with the weather. And NEVER stop exploring! There’s just so much to be seen…

5. Last, but not least, I’d like to invite you to live happily and take good care of your body & mind. It doesn’t work as simply as it sounds, but you are given an opportunity to lead a healthy life here and it’s probably much easier than in other countries. It might cost, and it isn’t enough just to say that you want it, but it is definitely possible. People might be very different all across Canada and I might be biased as I’ve only been living on the West Coast, but I feel that many people here show genuine interest in physical, mental, and emotional health, so there’s good influence to make you eat more healthily, exercise more, explore spirituality, and, overall, just maintain a positive attitude in life. P.S. “God gives the nuts but he does not crack them.” 😉

That’s it, folks! Five beautiful reasons why you should consider moving to the land of hockey and maple syrup! But if you insist, here’s one more: I’m here. And I’m happy 🙂

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