7 More Interesting Facts About Thailand

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  1. Toilets are very clean

Anywhere you go, the toilets are clean. This was a surprise for me, since in Europe toilets aren’t always nice and clean. Be it shopping mall, restaurant, cafe, attraction or petrol station – you get a nice, clean toilet.

  1. Hello Kitty is everywhere.

I knew Hello Kitty, as products are popular in Asia, but in Thailand they even have Hello Kitty cars for adults. Any product you come up with, you can also find as Hello Kitty merchandise.

  1. It’s cheaper to eat out than cook at home.

We’ve been living on a budget for a while now and looked into ways saving more money. So having the luxury of eating out in the market area has been quite an enjoyment. You can get a satisfying, delicious lunch for 35baht (0,80 euros or 1 USD).

  1. Gas stations come with service

You never need to fill the gasoline yourself at the gas stations. Gas stations come with full service and you get your tank filled in no time and with a smile.

  1. Seaweed snacks

Seaweed snacks are more popular than sweets. I never knew there were so many seaweed snacks and foods, but you can add seaweed to anything. And I’m getting addicted.

  1. Water and ice are safe when added to drinks

Drinking water is safe at the restaurants and marketplaces. Also the ice is safe, pretty much anywhere you go in Thailand. Many foreigners have been surprised by that, since water and ice are something you need avoid in quite a many countries.

  1. Elephant rides and visiting tigers

I find it unbelievable how many tourists dream of riding an elephant and spending time with tigers. It’s not very ethical – elephants are not made for riding and tigers are usually drugged for tourists. It’s still very popular to post pictures of elephant riding or hanging with tigers on social media. But the story behind the happy moments is quite something else and animals are not often taken well care of.

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