6 Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About China

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Check out 6 interesting facts from my life in China that only people who actually live here know about and of which I never had any idea before moving to Beijing. 🙂

1. Using giant phones!  I always thought that the modern life would make the phone smaller and smaller, not the other way around.  In China I saw in many places some really huge phones; usually they use a Bluetooth earplug when speaking, but sometimes you can see them having the big phone on their ear and I found it really funny 🙂

2. Do you remember that, when we were children, we had this game of catching a small plastic fish from a pool by using a magnetic fishhook?  Maybe it was only in Israel but I never dreamt that I would see huge pools in the park with real gold fish in, which people will actually try to fish!! So strange for me!

3. I always find very interesting the way children are raised in China. So different than what I know. First I saw some little kids tied to their parents (literally), like you tie your dog. It might be the smartest way to not loose your kid! Or crazy! Not sure exactly.

The second thing is their pants; they have a big hole in the middle so they can excuse themselves whenever nature calls, no diapers are needed! The pants are just open. Do you know how much money you can save?! 🙂

4. Another weird habit is getting really fancy cars for small children, like cars that I only dream to have! They just love it! And they come in the weirdest car colors that I saw in my life!!! It feels strange to get almost run over by a glamor shiny pink car!

5. Did you know that in China people don’t like to get tanned, so in the summer, when I am always looking for the sun, they are looking for the shade? One time I was riding my bike and got into a big bike cue before the traffic light. But then I took another look and saw that they were just standing under the bridge in the shadow. So I pass by everybody and stood all by myself in the sun waiting for the traffic light to switch. I saw it in many other places, standing all together hiding from the sun.. Funny! 🙂

6. Did you know that people dress their dogs like they are their own children? I saw the coolest clothing ever for dogs! Some of them take their dog every week to the hair salon and even dye their hair in all kind of colors!!! I think it’s super cute but also crazy at the same time!

There are a lot of new things that I discover every day while I’m living in China. I promise to take a lot of photos and to keep on sharing..

To be continued.

With Love, the in love Xpat from China

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