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For as long as I can remember, while waiting for my suitcase at the airport, I always have the feeling that the airline company lost it. I look at the rolling track and wait a bit anxious until it finally arrives, and then all I want is to get the f** out of the airport. Well, I have never thought that in one of those moments I would meet the love of my life!

Waiting for the unknown

Waiting for the unknown

February 26th, 2011 – first meeting

About 3 years ago I have decided to take a break from my crazy busy life and fly all by myself to Thailand! That happened immediately after a rough break up from a long relationship.

So, I packed my things and took a long amazing trip of 3 weeks in Thailand! At the end of the trip, in The Bangkok airport I met a nice Israeli girl. We were on the same flight back and stayed together until my most hated moment arrived: the luggage claim.

At one point she needed to exchange money and she came back with a cute guy that was all about talking… I, on the other hand, was all about being super anxious about my not coming suitcase and didn’t pay much attention to him. After I saw my luggage coming, he helped me pick it up and only then I noticed him! When I started rushing out he shouted at me: “wait, what’s your Facebook name?”

Well, after a 10 year relationship, giving my Facebook name seemed harmless, so I quickly gave him my name and off I went…

Relaxing at the beach at home- Tel Aviv, Israel

Relaxing at the beach at home- Tel Aviv, Israel

April 1st, 2011 – First date!

After the meeting at the airport he tried a few times to contact me through Facebook in some really cute ways, but nothing happened… Until one day I realized that, because I had been in such a long relationship before, I had never gone out on a real date! Suddenly it sounded super exciting! So I wrote him a message: “If you want to go out on a date, here is my number”. Not even 2 minutes passed and he called 🙂

Fooling around in China

Fooling around in China

The next day I got a text message: “I’m at a wedding, do you want to meet up tonight?” Oh, that sounded promising 😉 Sure! What time? Where? … Shortly before the date, he called me and we talked for about an hour! That was the first time he told me that his company wanted to relocate him to China for 3 years. That was also the first time when I said: ”I’m afraid we talked about everything on the phone and we won’t have anything else to talk about during the date”. So he said: “From my short interaction with you I feel like we will always have something to talk about…”

The date was really nice, we ate at a Japanese restaurant, but the strangest thing happened. All of a sudden I felt really bad, my stomach started to hurt and I immediately wanted to go home. He was a bit surprised, but he called me a taxi. On my way home I stopped the driver 2 times to throw up! The next day, I felt really bad, as I really enjoyed the date and was afraid he might think I didn’t like him… Good thing he called the next day to ask how I felt, I told him I got sick, but I had a great time though.

First time hiking at The Great Wall of China (Credit: Boaz Arad)

First time hiking at The Great Wall of China (Photo by: Boaz Arad)

From this moment on we became inseparable! We went out every night and on our third date he said something about me coming to China with him but I just laughed and changed the subject.. On the next weekend I met his family and my future beautiful sister in law- Luca! (Our XpatGirls founder).

August 11th, 2011 – My first visit in China!

The deadline of him leaving to China became closer and closer and we started talking about moving together. But, what about my work that I loved? What about my family? My friends? My life in Israel? And the most important thing – what about my dog, Luna??

On July 1st he left for China! I was really sad, we had such an amazing time together and I felt like I’m letting go to the love of my life! So I decided to come and visit him, only for a few days.. The trip to Beijing was absolutely amazing! We had such a great time and I even met my future boss in a coffee shop. I already had a job waiting for me, a new exciting life and one eternal love! So I packed my things and moved to China too!

“比翼双飞” A Chinese idiom saying that a 2 love birds should “fly together”

“比翼双飞” A Chinese idiom saying that a 2 love birds should “fly together”

January 18th, 2014 – My engagement day!

After almost 3 most exciting and extraordinary years Yair, my love, popped the question! It was just another regular Saturday, in which we went to buy an air purifier (after writing my last post about pollution). We were walking back home and then he stopped in the middle of a street with beautiful lighted trees, took a beautiful ring out of his pocket and asked me if I wanted to marry him! Of course I said yes! And then some cute Chinese people started taking pictures of us! 🙂

Where Yair popped the question!

Where Yair popped the question!

February 14th, 2014 – my valentine

After living far away from home, your person becomes everything for you!

My best friend, my mom & dad, my life partner, the first person I will call whenever something happened, my crying pillow, my adventure buddy, my special moments partner, my one true love! And he was right; it never happens that we don’t have something to talk about… 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day you all! heart symbol

Engagement Brunch party in Beijing with all our expat friends

Engagement Brunch party in Beijing with all our expat friends

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Meirav 梅花 Shacked - The Israeli girl beyond the Great FireWall (of China). Currently living and working in Beijing, China for the last 3 years, Meirav is involve in the local Chinese online & social media scenes as well as the conventional global platforms. Meirav loves a good 'night out' at a chic KTV (karaoke) club as well as getting lost in Beijing old town alleys (Hutongs) while posting her adventures on Instagram (@meimarko). She might just be the only blonde who commutes daily in the Beijing subway, along with 12 million other Chinese passengers.


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