Most Liked Winter Expat Tales

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Right before the beginning of spring, we know what you liked (the most) last winter:

Are some people born to be happy?

So it is as simple as that: some people were born with more potential of being happy. And I’m glad I could see that and learn from that. And it gave me hope that my children will be born to be happy as well. But first, I have to get happier. I will never be Romanian-happy, because there are too much points that need to be checked before that. But instead, I will try to be Dutch-happy

Find What You Love And Let It Kill You

I wish you all experience, at least once in a lifetime, a love that takes out the best of you, devours you and makes you boil up inside, until you lose yourself in the other and find out another version of you.

180° Expat Experience

I remember like it was yesterday – the flight, the landing, even the security passport control. “Welcome to Tel Aviv!” they greeted me. This time the purpose of my visit wasn’t a holiday. This time The Holy Land was my homeland.

5 Reasons To Date Girls Who Travel

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”
― Anaïs Nin

My Crystal Palace

Most people hate Mondays? Are you one of those? Well….there is hope! Take a look at what Alexandra considers to be the perfect treatment.

Xpat For Love

比翼双飞 A famous Chinese idiom says that 2 love birds should “fly together”. So that is what I did…

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