Where is My Lucky Knight in Shinning Armor?

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My phone just got stolen! It was the new iPhone 5 C that I bought two months ago and I just loved it! It was hard to move all my things and memories from one phone to another, but it was totally worth it! After all, it was blue with a beautiful pink cover with dots!

My #selfie with my C5

My #selfie with my C5

Well let’s just forget about the money issue and the fact that I’m addicted to it, which is quite sad I know, but what can I do?

The tragedy was that I had everything I needed in that phone: the connections to my far away friends, the connections to my friends in China and to potential clients, my camera and all my lovely photos. Plus all the apps that I downloaded and organized exactly the way I wanted it. Not to mention my contacts list (which I have saved thank god!) all my music, my favorite game candy crash, my social media apps that keep me occupied in all time…

I realized how much you get used to having your phone at any time for any urge that you get. Then it’s so hard to imagine your life again without it… So what do I do with all the spare time that I have now? Well, I’m writing for this blog, at least I have my laptop with me.

The following day:

In the morning, my friend told me that her phone got stolen at a club during New Year’s Eve. I told her that I’m not surprised, because there are a lot of robbery cases before the Chinese New Year and we all need to be extra careful with our belongings.

And then I told her my story from last year at the exact time period. I was walking in the street, being on the phone with earphones on while the iPhone was in my pocket, when I realized that I’m talking to myself!

I hold the cord of the earphones and realized that it was unplugged, put my hands in my pockets and understood that the phone was gone!

Then I saw 3 African Americans guys running towards me. Next, I turned around and saw them catching a young Chinese boy and screaming at him “give her the phone back!!” Then the shocked Chinese boy gave me back my phone. I was shocked as well and told the guys thank you for saving my phone.

My friend told me how lucky I was and we continued our day..

"In 2011, Beijing had more than 28,343 buses carrying over 13.39 million person/trips a day"
“In 2011, Beijing had more than 28,343 buses carrying over 13.39 million person/trips a day” | Source

Later in the afternoon I had a long 4 hours meeting and then I went with my 2 bosses and my 2 colleagues to meet all the staff at a restaurant to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I told them to take a taxi, like I always do, but my boss insisted that we take the bus. So we waited for the bus to come and finally when it arrived, there were about 200 people all together trying to push their way to the bus.

Yes, we were amongst them. I tried to take out my transportation card from my bag while leaving my phone for a second in my coat front pocket, I pushed my way to the bus and even got a seat. My small victory made my colleague say: “Wow! You’re so lucky to get a seat on the crowded bus”. Then I reached to my pocket and my luck was gone: the phone was no longer there!

"On average currently around five million people ride the subway daily" | <a title="Transport in Beijing" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_in_Beijing#Beijing_Subway" target="_blank">Source</a>

“On average currently around five million people ride the subway daily” | Source

Am I lucky??

The Chinese New Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year of the Horse

After hearing twice in one day “you’re so lucky” all of a sudden I felt so unlucky!

All my colleagues at dinner started telling me the traditional Chinese idioms about how life leads you from one place to another, and one unlucky moment will give you a lot of luck in another things… I even got a long story about a farmer whose horse run away, but after a year it came back with a baby horse, so in the end he got 2 horses. Soo lucky!

All of that wasn’t really helping but it’s okay. Tomorrow I will most likely buy a new iPhone and probably the new 5 S because it was a hard choice last time.. Oooh and also a gold one this time! I’m already excited again.. 🙂 So no worries, hopefully next time my African American savior will come on a gold horse to save me!

Have an amazing Chinese New Year of the Horse! 

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