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If Milan does not set the trends for Fashion, then no other city in the world does! Milan does it better than any other city because fashion does not just live and breathe only on the catwalk, but in every corner of every street of Milan! Within every street and sidewalk, there is always something special waiting to be discovered.

Join me on my daily walks around the famous streets of Milan and follow me in discovering all the magic that lives and breathes in the most fashionable city in the world!

For this you will need some extra time and curiosity to find the unknown, and yes the passion for fashion! What makes this all the more exciting is the uniqueness to the people you will find on your way and yes, most important what they will be wearing!

I even dare to say that every day I see people whose way of dressing is how they express their emotions, feeling and state-of-mind because a fashionably thought-out outfit accomplishes just that!

Follow my explorations around this fashion-forward city and find out the future trends of what is going to be “hot” next!

Wishing you a very trendy year! (check out my posts on our blog)

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Anca is a Romanian model living in Milan , the city that combines art, food and fashion in the most interesting of ways...

She's been working for more than 10 years building her career and gaining first hand experiences through traveling around the world. Even though she studied international relationships and european studies , her interest is more focused on photography and retouching .. And she also manages to the find time volunteering in saving animals, as this has been a passion of hers since she can remember ( more of an obsession than anything else).

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