Christmas…. in a bite!

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I must confess. I didn’t realize it’s Christmas time before it hit me.  Because for me Christmas was not just about being together with the family and playing in the snow, but also about the delicious food my mother cooks, that I thought cannot be equaled anywhere else in the world. Caught between the new life in Madrid and school (again), I could have easily missed the opportunity to discovery the wonders of the Spanish Christmas cuisine. But, lucky me, I got saved by the (Christmas) bells. Or, to be honest, by an incident in the metro that forced me to get out one station before the usual.

And I got out. And I was amazed. The Plaza in front of the Opera was crowded with stalls, all exhibiting the marvels I should never eat if I cared about my diet. But of course, I couldn’t resist the temptation.  Plus it was Christmas! So I bought a piece of empanada (Spanish pie filled with meat or fish or vegetables). And suddenly there was holiday! I think I even heard some angels singing.

Spanish Empanadas. I couldn't resist the temptation.

Spanish Empanadas. I couldn’t resist the temptation.

I should have stopped after, if not due to the feeling of fulfillment (literally speaking) at least to prolong the rich taste. But who? Me? No way, there is no meal without dessert. I mean, what is Christmas without some extra kilograms on? Take a look at the reason of my sin. Because at one point, the angels become little devils, whispering to my ears to try out more sweets. And it was of course also the end of my diet.

The delights fair ended after the holidays but I promise I will dig for other juicy-yummy places to share with you, until the next Christmas comes.

The end of my diet. Because there is no meal without dessert

The end of my diet. Because there is no meal without dessert

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She traded her professional experience in auctions because she trusted Confucius saying "Chose a job you love and you will never have to work day in your life".

Gourmand, passionate about Real Madrid and a luxury-lover she will represent Madrid.

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