From Front to Back of The Camera or The Path of Self Discovery

Looking through the lens helps me discover more and more who I am.

When All Odds Are Against It, Will You Still Follow Your Heart?

When two people have to be together, they would find themselves even if they are in two different corners of the world

Life Is So Much More Fun When You Say “Yes” To Everything

Being an expat gives me an energy I don’t have when I’m at home

5 Things I Miss When I’m Away From Home

I also miss the smell of snow, the autumn smell of cold and fog, the loud voices of children playing outside in front of my apartment, and last but not least, just the simple feeling that you are home.

“I fell in love with Vancouver the minute I got here and have stayed in love so far …”

Becoming an expat takes you out of your comfort zone and eventually makes you spend more time with yourself. If you’re lucky enough, you might actually discover a new You..

“Let The One Without Sin Cast The First Stone”

We are all sinners in labelling others. It’s just so easy! It’s so damn easy to remember the bad characteristics of a nation, because they are so distinct and annoy you so much. Instead, all the good features tend to blend in a big pile of universality, that is almost boring.