7 More Interesting Facts About Thailand

I find it unbelievable how many tourists dream of riding an elephant and spending time with tigers

6 Less Known Kosher Facts About Israel

6 less known kosher facts about Israel

Even the glue on Israeli stamp is Kosher

6 Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About China

Check out 6 interesting facts from my life in China that only people who actually live here know about and of which I never had any idea before moving to Beijing 🙂

From Inside The Coup

It’s now been a full four days since the head of the Thai Army officially declared a coup d’état in the politically troubled country, and as an expat it has been a somewhat surreal experience to witness.

Busting The Main Misconception of London

It is ridiculous that people think London is constantly coated in fog and everything is grey

Where Is The Real War?

When do the Israelis change? During war. Because only then it is clear that the enemy comes from the outside. Then, they behave completely different. Over night, they change to the friendliest country in the world.