The Nightmare of My Last Months: Getting a Driving License in China

“Chinglish” questions sometimes do not make sense at all!

Israel: Come and Try to Stay.

Nobody owes you anything. Everything you have to build by yourself.

C’est Moi, Sara Louise

Try to speak the language, smile and don’t forget to say, bonjour!

From Samba to Opera

I became part of the world. As my mum says: “whatever you go, when you close the door is your home”

How I’ve Celebrated The 5,775th New Year Yesterday

Rosh Hashana Cover

New Year in September? I thought all people celebrate it in December! Apparently not.

The Real Catwalk is in The Streets at London Fashion Week

Five days, over 50 main stage catwalk shows, 250 designers, 100 hours of show time and the best emerging designers you’ll find anywhere

The Drowned World or How I Finally Decided to Quit Modeling

I was sick of being surrounded by people getting hysterical when the buttons of my shirt didn’t fit the color of my nail polish. The same people that behaved like they invented the antidote against leukemia.

Portugal – My Home Away From Home

There are plenty of reasons to visit Portugal, today a much livelier country than I expected it to be. The country has developed rapidly and it’s more teasing and inviting than ever

Did you know?

The first lesson was: traveling is the best teacher you can get.

Star Spangled Banner

My thoughts? It wouldn’t be so different from the life we were living in The Netherlands. I mean, what would be so surprising in another western country? We didn’t go to Africa. And we would only go for a year. Right? Boy, was I wrong….