How My Fears Become Irrelevant

And here is my condescending answer to those questions: “may those will be your only problems in life!”

The Nightmare of My Last Months: Getting a Driving License in China

“Chinglish” questions sometimes do not make sense at all!

How I’ve Celebrated The 5,775th New Year Yesterday

Rosh Hashana Cover

New Year in September? I thought all people celebrate it in December! Apparently not.

Mazal Tov! Today is The Big Wedding Day! Part 2

After a few month of planning, the big day had come, now it’s time to have some fun!

All The WH Questions For The Big W Day

I’ve always dreamed about my wedding day but I never dreamt that I would have to plan it as an Xpat girl! What do you do with all the WH questions??

When All Odds Are Against It, Will You Still Follow Your Heart?

When two people have to be together, they would find themselves even if they are in two different corners of the world

6 Less Known Kosher Facts About Israel

6 less known kosher facts about Israel

Even the glue on Israeli stamp is Kosher

How Did Missile Attacks Changed My Life in Tel Aviv

“Life is uncertain, so eat your dessert first.”

Battling Cancer Showed Me The Role Of Surroundings In The Healing Process

Vacation mode is a way of life here

How I Almost Lost My Best Friend And Then Realized What He Meant To Me

He reminds me a lot of myself: he fails and he stands up, he stumbles but then he moves forward with head up.