How I’ve Celebrated The 5,775th New Year Yesterday

Rosh Hashana Cover

New Year in September? I thought all people celebrate it in December! Apparently not.

7 More Interesting Facts About Thailand

I find it unbelievable how many tourists dream of riding an elephant and spending time with tigers

From Inside The Coup

It’s now been a full four days since the head of the Thai Army officially declared a coup d’état in the politically troubled country, and as an expat it has been a somewhat surreal experience to witness.

That Little Virus Called “Ran-Away-From-Home-And-Came-Here-To-Explore”

Vistoria's Peak in Hong Kong

Travelling changes you in ways you don’t always acknowledge, but maybe what it truly does to you is allow you to discover yourself.

I Miss a Lot The Simplicity Of Brazil

Many times here or in other countries where I lived I see that people need to get in posh places, with amazing food and drinks, in order to try to have some fun.. And this is still kind of strange for me.