How My Fears Become Irrelevant

And here is my condescending answer to those questions: “may those will be your only problems in life!”

From Front to Back of The Camera or The Path of Self Discovery

Looking through the lens helps me discover more and more who I am.

Fascinating India

Dreamy sunrise at Borobudur in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indians are very passionate people. They celebrate their holidays with enthusiasm while demonstrating their pride, respect, loyalty, rituals and art.

The Real Catwalk is in The Streets at London Fashion Week

Five days, over 50 main stage catwalk shows, 250 designers, 100 hours of show time and the best emerging designers you’ll find anywhere

The Drowned World or How I Finally Decided to Quit Modeling

I was sick of being surrounded by people getting hysterical when the buttons of my shirt didn’t fit the color of my nail polish. The same people that behaved like they invented the antidote against leukemia.

The Psychology Of Fashion Photography

If you want reality, why don’t you look out of the window?

Busting The Main Misconception of London

It is ridiculous that people think London is constantly coated in fog and everything is grey

The 4 Big Secrets of Mastering The British Style

British people are not afraid to have a voice. Designers do not dictate to them and they always put together their own looks that they are confident in.

Why is Milan a Capital Of Fashion?

in 2009, Milan was regarded as the no 1 fashion capital, surpassing New York, Paris and London! Nowadays it lost a bit of the glory, occupying 6th place. But it is still considered one of the “big 4” in the fashion world.

HFLFW (Highlights From London Fashion Week)

Hot, hot, hot news from the heart of the fashion, right when it’s happening! Check out the main highlights of The London Fashion week!