The Power of (Expat) Bloggers: “When You Don’t Find Content, Create Content.”

Life is more fun when it’s stylish

Monterrey – The Forgotten City of Mexico – Part 1

To be rich and show it is the name of the game in the fancy bubble of San Pedro Garza Garcia area, some parts of which you will be ashamed to show up without your personal driver or the LV newest purse.

First Thought on Monday Morning? SUNDAY’S BRUNCH!


“If you had to choose one person in the entire world to eat for breakfast, who would you eat, and why? ”
― Roger Schuster

Mini Honeymoon – Huge Fun! Singapore Here We Come!

Don’t throw away the junk emails you receive, you might be surprised!

Portugal – My Home Away From Home

There are plenty of reasons to visit Portugal, today a much livelier country than I expected it to be. The country has developed rapidly and it’s more teasing and inviting than ever

A Life Spent Abroad

I first moved abroad when I was 17 and now, 12 years later I have lived and worked in 10 different countries and traveled through many more.

Why Mexicans have the only UNESCO Heritage food in the world

Mexicans say the base of their diet is vitamin T

The Fun In Being An Absolute Beginner

Imagine 2 Israelis trying to get along where no one understands them

Battling Cancer Showed Me The Role Of Surroundings In The Healing Process

Vacation mode is a way of life here

“The Dutch have a lot of weird habits”

Being an expat it feels like you are different, but in Amsterdam there are so many of us, that you somehow feel you belong here.