The Nightmare of My Last Months: Getting a Driving License in China

“Chinglish” questions sometimes do not make sense at all!

Israel: Come and Try to Stay.

Nobody owes you anything. Everything you have to build by yourself.

C’est Moi, Sara Louise

Try to speak the language, smile and don’t forget to say, bonjour!

From Samba to Opera

I became part of the world. As my mum says: “whatever you go, when you close the door is your home”

How I’ve Celebrated The 5,775th New Year Yesterday

Rosh Hashana Cover

New Year in September? I thought all people celebrate it in December! Apparently not.

Did you know?

The first lesson was: traveling is the best teacher you can get.

7 More Interesting Facts About Thailand

I find it unbelievable how many tourists dream of riding an elephant and spending time with tigers

6 Less Known Kosher Facts About Israel

6 less known kosher facts about Israel

Even the glue on Israeli stamp is Kosher

From Inside The Coup

It’s now been a full four days since the head of the Thai Army officially declared a coup d’état in the politically troubled country, and as an expat it has been a somewhat surreal experience to witness.

The Psychology Of Fashion Photography

If you want reality, why don’t you look out of the window?