The Nightmare of My Last Months: Getting a Driving License in China

“Chinglish” questions sometimes do not make sense at all!

Ni Chi le ma? 你吃了吗?Did you eat already?

Jian bing guo zi 煎饼果子

The most typical every morning question! Maybe I should start considering having something for breakfast?

This is Sanlitun – The Movie That Every Expat Should See

We couldn’t stop laughing the whole movie!

To Eat or Not To Eat? Chinese Street Food in China

The safe guide for eating street food in China

The Old And The Restless (Chinese Style)

How come Chinese old people are always smiling? Can I adopt Chinese grandparents?

Xpat For Love

比翼双飞 A famous Chinese idiom says that 2 love birds should “fly together”. So that is what I did…

Can We Live Our Lives Without Blue Skies?

They say that pollution can change your mood, how often do you stare at the sky and appreciate it?

Where is My Lucky Knight in Shinning Armor?

My #selfish with my C5

My phone just got stolen! It was the new iPhone 5 C that I bought two months ago and I just loved it! It was hard to move all my things and memories from one phone to another, but it was totally worth it! After all, it was blue with a beautiful pink cover with […]

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Ni Hao (Hello), A Jewish girl celebrating Christmas in China…sounds like a start of a bad joke, right? Well, you’re not far from the truth. Today I would like to tell you about Christmas in a country that celebrates it from the outside but not really from the inside. So please let me explain.  Just […]