Mid-summer love

Let’s check out your favorite posts in July

Toys Do Not Belong Among Flowers

Toys do not belong among flowers

This is in a way my SOS message to the world

What We Weren’t Told About The Homo Sapiens

What we weren’t told about the homo sapiens

That he should be in fact called homo pugnax (or whatever is Latin for “competitive”)

Why We Should Think Twice Before Cheering The Football Championship

My problem is not about the games or the sport but about the behind the scene of this project

When All Odds Are Against It, Will You Still Follow Your Heart?

When two people have to be together, they would find themselves even if they are in two different corners of the world

Why Romance Is Almost Dead. And Will Never Be Resurrected

Love is like a Christmas tree: no matter how big and beautiful the tree, it is not magical until we put some lights and globes on.

From Inside The Coup

It’s now been a full four days since the head of the Thai Army officially declared a coup d’état in the politically troubled country, and as an expat it has been a somewhat surreal experience to witness.

How Did Missile Attacks Changed My Life in Tel Aviv

“Life is uncertain, so eat your dessert first.”

When 300 Nigerian Girls Become OUR Girls

#BringBackOurGirls added another corner stone in the world solidarity and the word “our” penetrated all hearts and minds.

When Sex Becomes Work – Part II

An interview with Mariska Majoor, former sex-worker and currently playing a unique role in the Red Light District